• Clean and lubricate bike
  • Safety check
  • Tune up gears, brakes and wheels (true rims)
  • We will advise if replacement parts or further work are required and discuss options with the customer.


  • All of Standard Service +
  • Strip bike and deep clean components noting positions and settings
  • Replace cables (discuss options e.g. bar tape when booking in)
  • Service removed components where applicable, e.g. wheel hubs, headset, bottom bracket
  • Apply appropriate products to protect the bike, e.g. matt carbon frame cleaner, leather saddle treatment, frame polish.

Supplying your own components

Customer’s may supply their own parts and we will fit them. We try and advise if we think parts are not compatible, but if they prove to be incompatible it is at the customer’s risk. We charge for fitting at our hourly rate. If we supply parts the fitting cost may be reduced at our discretion.

  • Each bike is given a service number and job card when checked in to keep a record of work requested and completed and customers contact information.
  • If a bike is exceptionally dirty we may charge extra for cleaning as it is not possible to service a filthy bike to a good standard.
  • We clean the bike and carry out a comprehensive service, checking the bike from front to rear, making adjustments as required.
  • We carefully store your bike when it is in our charge.
  • We will advise customers if significant unanticipated repairs are found to be required and give an estimate of the additional cost for approval.
  • When work is completed we will try and contact the customer using the contact information.
  • At the time of payment and collection we will pass on any advisory information.